King Fez

King Fez is a six-piece belly dance rock band based in Pittsburgh PA. With a blend of original and traditional music it's the band's intent to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures while having fun. A favorite of the local bellydance scene, the band has performed at the Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburgh Glass Center, R.A.N.T., the Polish Hill Arts Festival, the Twin Lakes Arts Festival, the St. Patrick’s Day Hafla, Bayardstown Social Club, and at other performance venues throughout the Pittsburgh Metro. Formed in 2013, its members are Gina Ketter, electric violin; Frank Knezevitch, guitar; Hugh Watkins, bass; Mark DeFilippo, drums; Beth DeFilippo, riq; and David Hart, electric oud. All are veterans of musical groups across a diverse range of styles, from traditional Arab and Turkish to rock, folk, world music, classical and punk.

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