Colonel Eagleburger's Highstepping Goodtime Band

Equal parts Sousa and Sabbath, New Orleans and New Order, maritime hero and symphony maestro. Colonel Eagleburger assembled his High-Stepping Good-time band of brigands, bandits, scalliwags, and wharf rats from a veritable who’s who of the deep pool of Pittsburgh brass and drums adult costumed marching band enthusiasts. From the scores who apply, only the elite are admitted entry to that most hallowed of halls: Eagleburger Manor. Having a good time? You’ll find the Colonel there! In need of a trombone injection? We’ve got your guys. Washboard in the shop? Sgt. Lief launders while you wait. Double-dealing with your best friend? Pick up the phone: the Colonel’s always home, call him any time. (1-800-GUD-TYME)

Busker Instrumental