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Busker Classical Folk Punk Singer Songwriter World Music

Accordion and chorded zither assist soprano vocals with styles that range from yodeling to klezmer to folk.

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King Fez

Rock World Music

King Fez is a six-piece belly dance rock band based in Pittsburgh PA. With a blend of original and traditional music it's the band's intent to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures while having fun. A favorite of the local bellydance scene, the band has performed at the Hard Rock Cafe,...

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Muggle Snuggle

Busker Singer Songwriter World Music Other Wrock Witch Rock

#MuggleSnuggle has Gryffindor courage and chivalry and Ravenclaw wit. This duo explains the wizarding world through muggle eyes. The Muggle Snuggle witches harmonize their voices, and incorporate the use of a variety of several instruments including the chorded zither, accordion, bodrhán, tap shoe...

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