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Colonel Eagleburger's Highstepping Goodtime Band

Busker Instrumental

Equal parts Sousa and Sabbath, New Orleans and New Order, maritime hero and symphony maestro. Colonel Eagleburger assembled his High-Stepping Good-time band of brigands, bandits, scalliwags, and wharf rats from a veritable who’s who of the deep pool of Pittsburgh brass and drums adult costumed ma...

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Tyrants of Tolerance

The Tyrants are a three-piece power trio playing all the best songs from the last century with a unique and very heavy sound. They move easily from Soundgarden to the Kinks to Bowie to Prince to the Monkees and more! Featuring ace drummer - Andy Taravella, former Rhythm Kings guitarist - Phil "The...

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Drew Pinchotti

Drawn to music at an early age, Drew is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, possessing an attentive and sensitive musical ear, enabling him to zero in on the details of a song or phrase and shape it into something memorable. His voice is very unique, lying somewhere between the styles of ...

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Cassi Bruno

Everything is annoying

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Howard Lester

Just a straight shooting, nut busting, fan of the pun and double entendre. Unlike anything you've ever seen before. Don't bring your feelings; I left mine in my other life....

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